New partner – Suunto


Very happy to announce a new collaboration I have with Suunto Spain. Suunto is a company with headquarters in Vantaa, Finland, about 15kms away from where I’m from. When I still lived in Finland, I used to drive past their offices on the way to school and work, every day. I was thinking that it would be damn cool to work with / for them one day. I’ve been a huge fan forever, they also make the best scuba computers and really top hardware for sports watches today. I’ve been using a Suunto Ambit since it came our as well as the Ambit 3 Peak once that was announced and I’ve been really happy with those devices. My trusty Ambits are what guide me along new trails, keep on on track in races and help plan and keep a training log.

ambit vertI’ve now had the opportunity to directly collaborate with the Ambit Product Manager in Finland and share my views of the products. Perhaps I will have a small impact on how they will develop in the future.

I’ll be writing more about these products in the future and how I specifically use them myself. For now, you can check out my Movescount account.



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